About the Artist

Narendra Amin earned his engineering degree from Poona Engineering College of Bombay University. While working at his first engineering job, he attended Sir JJ School of Art in Bombay at night. As I recall, he was one oil painting away from receiving a second degree in fine art but was too busy with his engineering job to complete it. This did not matter to him; he had learned what he had set out to learn.

12-oil-president-kennedy-Narendra came to the United States in 1961 pursuing his master’s degree in Civil Engineering at University of Michigan. Just after arriving in 1961, he painted a portrait of President John F. Kennedy and obtained his autograph in 1961. After receiving his master’s degree he went on to work with various engineering consultants’ offices dealing with commercial, residential and industrial buildings, most of the time related to nuclear power plants.

I met Narendra in 1982, fresh out of college with a civil engineering degree, he was my first boss at Stone & Webster. We discovered that besides engineering we both loved to create art. Narendra was one of the organizers of the Stone & Webster Employee Art Show and he encouraged me to submit my own artwork and then to create more for future art shows.

I took classes in stained glass and showed Narendra my work. He loved to learn new things and so he also learned stained glass and created many beautiful pieces that you can see here. He went on to learn to make ceramics using a pottery wheel and more free form techniques.

As much as he likes to learn new things, Narendra also likes to share his extensive knowledge of art with others and teach. He began giving art lessons to kids at his Temple in 1985 and has continued to this day.

temple-4-gitopanishadIn this same Temple Narendra has shared his many works of art found in the Temple Art Work portfolio, including the Saints Gallery, two large murals, and many paintings of Gods and Goddesses. Almost all of the pieces shown in the portfolio are at the Temple; a few are in private places. Narendra and his artwork in the Temple were highlighted on the NJ PBS show Rose’s Melting Pot and he was interviewed by the Philadelphia Inquirer in this 1996 article. In 2008, Narendra’s artwork was included in the museums of Wheaton Art, in Millville, NJ celebrating the Traditions and Culture of India in New Jersey.

Narendra continues to keep himself busy volunteering at the Philadelphia Museum of Art where we meet for lunch and the latest exhibition and to share our latest creations. His latest large endeavor is filling much of his time… helping to create the Indian Cultural Center of South Jersey, working with an architect and creating a model of the building which is now under construction. I can’t wait to see the artwork he creates for the center!